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Fish & Seafood Equipment

From the initial process of scaling, grading, heading, filleting and skinning of fish to the further processing of fish and seafood, Boyd Food Machinery can supply the exact equipment for your business. On-shore and sea based systems available.

Seafood and fish processing machinery can quite often be specific to a particular species, whether pelagic or dimersal or at least to those with a similar bone structure. At Boyd Food Machinery we can assist you in finding the correct equipment for your particular product whether you are processing halibut, hake, sardines, herring, ling, whiting, red fish, tuna, mackerel, haddock, sole, salmon, cod, trout, prawns, scallops, or more exotic species such as tilapia, angulas, squid or octopus.

As consumers are turning to fish as a healthier food option many seafood processors are moving more towards producing ready to cook, convenience style meals, creating the need for high speed further processing equipment. Products such as pate, tuna steaks, fish paste, dressed crab, lemon sole goujons, diced fish for paella, canned sardines or anchovies all require unique fish or seafood equipment.